What Are Stretch Marks?

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks, are scars caused by hormonal changes or rapid and excessive weight gain which damages the epidermis. They usually appear as bands of lines on the skin which range from a purplish, pinkish to silvery hue.

When pressure is placed on the skin’s connective tissues in the dermis layer, the collagen matrix support system and the elastin structure tears, which results in bruising, swelling and scarring of the dermis. In women, hormonal changes can not only result in weight gain but also in slowed collagen regeneration and a weaker collagen support structure, so the epidermis displays the damage done at a cellular level, in the form of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are often seen on the belly after pregnancy or sudden weight gain, and are also commonly found on the legs, upper arms, breasts, hips and buttocks.

How can you prevent stretch marks?

Ideally, the best prevention for stretch marks is to avoid sudden weight gain. While this can be difficult when it is caused by hormonal issues or pregnancy, preparing your skin in the early stages of weight gain may help to prevent stretch marks from forming later.

  1. Eating healthy – Choosing to eat a balanced diet which is low in sugar, salt and saturated fats is a good start. Eat fresh produce enriched with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, and foods that contain essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6. Nuts, fish, and healthy vegetable oils are all good sources.
  2. Drinking water – Drinking plenty of fluids so that your skin is well hydrated can help to retain elasticity and prevent stretch marks.
  3. Exercising regularly – Exercising daily to prevent or minimise weight gain can also help.
  4. Moisturising – Moisturising your body to keep your skin well hydrated. A super hydrating cream such as the Intensive Cream is great for all-over body application. It contains Lanolin, which restores the skin lipids by assisting their function to hold moisture within the skin.
  5. Using a stretchmark cream – Applying a cream or serum specifically designed to prevent or treat stretchmarks to areas which are most prone to them.
Stretch Marks

The Body Slimfit Stretch Mark Reductor + Slimming Serum is a highly effective stretchmark cream which will help to prevent stretch marks in a number of ways. This unique serum contains powerful ingredients which will:

  • exfoliate dead skin cells from the epidermis
  • boost the rate of collagen production
  • stimulate the body’s fat burning process at a cellular level
  • decrease the metabolism of glucose into fat deposits
  • provide excellent hydration
  • generate skin cell repair
  • firm, tone and improve skin colour.

A number of unique actives combine to deliver these benefits. Caffeine Pro-complex, Fisetin, and Raspberry Ketone are powerful plant-derived sources able to increase the body’s metabolic fat burning process, helping to inhibit weight gain.

Soy Isoflavones, L-Carnitine and Spirulina Platensis Extract are also natural ingredients which encourage the regeneration of collagen in the connective tissues and eliminate toxins from fat cells.

Another key ingredient in this stretchmark cream is an extract from the native African Baobab Tree, which has been used for centuries by African women for skincare. The fruit from the African Baobab Tree is an extremely rich source of many vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, all of which provide important nutrients to greatly improve the skin’s condition. This extract has a unique function, imagine it creating an invisible tightening net around your skin and you will understand why it is a key ingredient for stretchmarks. In the arid plains of Africa, the African Baobab Tree is natively used as a source of water, food and nutrients hence also known as the ‘Tree of Life’.

Can you get rid of old stretch marks?

Yes you can! Stretch marks may fade with time, but this can take several years. The good news is that even if you have old stretch marks, there are easy ways to help diminish them in a matter of weeks or months.

  1. Exfoliating – Our skin cells are constantly dying and shedding, so encouraging this process with exfoliation can help. Exfoliating with the Anti-Cellulite Sugar Body Scrub is a great way to remove dead skin cells, stimulate new skin cell regeneration, polish and smooth the epidermis.
  2. Using a stretchmark cream – Follow this up with an application of the Body Slimfit Stretch Mark Reductor + Slimming Serum to diminish the appearance of stretch marks and regenerate collagen and elastin. Apply to problematic areas only and twice daily for best results. Active ingredients Siegesbeckia Orientalis and Centella Asiatica Extract will not only stimulate collagen production but also help to reduce skin discolouration and improve skin tone.

What are the best products for treating stretch marks?

The best treatments for stretch marks address all the contributing factors;

Weight gain – The Body Slimfit Stretch Mark Reductor + Slimming Serum contains ingredients to induce fat-burning to counter rapid, excessive weight gain, one of the underlying causes of stretch marks.

Weakened skin structure – Many ingredients in this innovative product address weakened collagen structures and stimulate collagen production in order to strengthen the connective tissues and improve skin elasticity.

Dehydrated and dull skin – Other ingredients improve the skin’s hydration levels, quality and tone, reducing the discolouration that occurs with stretch marks.

The Stretch Mark Reductor + Slimming Serum addresses all of the above and contains some of nature’s most super-charged ingredients to improve your skin and banish stretch marks. It is available to purchase Australia-wide at your local Chemist Warehouse store and online. So other than your stretchmarks, what else have you got to lose?