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Reclaiming Your Slim, Fit Body

How do breast firming creams work?

The key to understanding how breast firming creams work is understanding the physiological structure of the breast in the first instance.

The breast is mostly made up of subcutaneous fat tissue and glandular tissue in roughly equal proportions. The subcutaneous fat cells form a layer over the mammary gland tissue. This fluid-filled fat layer is the area that breast firming creams are able to impact on, plumping the skin from the inside to create a lifting and firming effect.

How exactly do creams do that? Well the Alpha Keri Body Slimfit Bust Lift & Firm Cream uses advanced skincare technology to stimulate and increase the volume of fat lipids in the areas where you apply the cream. Your skin absorbs marine collagen microspheres present in the cream, which swell on contact with moisture, namely the breast fluid found in the subcutaneous fat layer. On contact with breast fluid these microspheres increase in volume up to ten times, immediately expanding to lift and fill the beast.

Also present in our breast enhancement cream is Southernwood Tree Extract which is a lipid filler helping to stimulate fat cells into increasing in volume in the areas to which the cream is applied.

Voila! Fuller breasts, easily achieved. But of course we don’t just want fuller breasts, we want firmer, lifted breasts too. Banish saggy breasts with the help of natural actives found in the African Sausage Tree and the African Baobab Tree. Active ingredients extracted from these botanic sources produce a firming and shaping effect on the breast. Testing showed 50% of women experienced a lifting and push-up effect of over 5mm after using the Slimfit Bust Lift & Firm Cream while 100% found increased breast firmness and elasticity*.

*Tested under dermatological skin specialist control – 30 women aged 31 to 59 years with mature skin at 28 days. Laboratory measured Skin elasticity, Hydration testing. 2013 Centrum Kosmetykow Dr Koziej.

What is the best neck firming cream?

The skin on your neck and décolletage is usually exposed to sun and prone to damage but is often forgotten. It is one of the first areas to display signs of ageing. If you want younger, firmer looking skin on your neck and décolletage, it needs as much care and attention as your bust area.

Active ingredients in the Body Slimfit Bust Lift & Firm Cream have a tightening effect on breast skin tissue as well as improving hydration, firming skin tone and smoothing wrinkles. And what qualities do we look for in a neck cream? Yes, hydrating, firming, toning and smoothing effects! Hence the Body Slimfit Bust Lift & Firm Cream will work as effectively as a neck cream as it will as a breast enhancement cream.

Apply the breast firming cream to your décolletage and bust area and continue upwards, lightly massaging it into your neck for firmer, tighter, smoother-looking skin.

How do you apply slimming creams?

Popular slimming creams such as those found in the Alpha Keri Body Slimfit range are best applied to targeted areas of the body rather than as an all over body moisturiser. We recommend applying a 10 cent piece per area. Apply morning and night massaging in a circular motion.

Slimming creams will penetrate deeply and therefore most effectively on skin which has been exfoliated. Why is exfoliation important? Dead skin cells build up on the skin’s surface. Exfoliating removes this layer of dead cells and allows the actives from your slimming creams to penetrate easily to where they are needed.

So, for best results, exfoliate your skin with the Alpha Keri Anti-Cellulite Sugar Body Scrub before applying a thin layer of the slimming cream to the problematic area.

How often should you use slimming creams?

A thin layer of your slimming cream needs to be applied morning and evening in order for the active ingredients to break down fat tissue, improve the drainage of excess fluid, reduce cellulite and stretch marks and increase the secretion of toxins. Continued regular use will help to maintain the results of your body transformation regime.

Do slimming and firming creams have long-term results?

To get the best results from your slimming and firming creams we recommend using them in conjunction with regular physical activity or exercise and a balanced, healthy diet. Your slimming and firming creams certainly will have long term results if you continue this regime and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.