Our Science

Our skin is the largest organ of your body. It accounts for 15% of your body’s weight and functions to provide a protective layer over your organs and regulate the body’s temperature.

There are 3 layers of the skin

Layer 1: Epidermis

This is the skin’s surface, a layer rich in keratin that provides toughness and water-resistance. This layer of skin is where dead cells are shed and where melanin (a dark pigment) is found. The Alpha Keri Body Hydration range focuses on improving the quality of the skin’s epidermis.

Layer 2: Dermis

A much thicker layer composed of nerves, fats, blood vessels, elastin, and collagen fibres, which provide elasticity and give the skin its overall strength.

Layer 3: Hypodermis

This layer is composed of fat, regulates body temperature keeping us warm and holding our internal organs in place. It’s the energy reserve of the skin!

Younger and Older Skin