Lipid-Filler Microsphere Technology

The breast is divided into 2 key areas – the cutaneous fatty envelope and the connective adipose and glandular tissue. Breast volume and shape is determined by the level tissue with generally half the breast volume made up of adipose (fat) tissue and the other half is the mammary gland. The subcutaneous fat which forms and external mantel over the mammary gland contains fluid and fat and is the target area of the Body Slimfit Bust Lift and Firm Cream for amplifying the curvature and restoring shape to the cleavage.

Lift and firm from inside the breast tissue

Marine collagen filling microspheres absorb into the skin and swell in the presence of the breast fluid in the subcutaneous fat layer. They increase 10 times in volume creating immediate expansion to lift and fill the breast. Lipid filler actives such as Southernwood Tree Extract help to stimulate and synthesize fat cells (lipids) in the fatty tissue; making them larger and of greater volume. Skin is plumped from the inside producing a push-up lifting and firming effect. This technology uses natural and safe actives to stimulate your body’s fat production and increase the volume of fat lipids to areas where the cream is applied.

The combination of African Sausage Tree Extract with African Boabab Tree help strengthen and stabilise collagen fibres producing a firming effect and reduction in breast wrinkles whilst creating an invisible tightening net on the skin to improve and enhance breast shape.

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Lipid-filler Microsphere Technology
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