Collagen-Plus Technology

Collagen creates firm skin structure and is the foundations for skin support and tightness. Oxidative stress, inflammation from toxic exposure, smoking and consuming excessive sugar all contribute to degrading and weakening collagen.

When women menstruate their monthly cycle sets immune cells to breakdown collagen in the body in order to shed the endometrium from the uterus wall. These immune cells are not isolated but ignite through the body network breaking down collagen including the dermal layer of the skin. So the menstruation cycle will impact the integrity of collagen with gradual destruction over time.


This technology is the combination of Coffee seed extract with Orange Wax that works to actively stimulate and increase elastin and collagen production.

Coffee seed oil extracted from Coffea Arabica has shown in studies to help increase the production of collagen which is essential for smoothing bumps preserving skin firmness and flexibility to help prevent ageing skin.

As an alkaloid, it helps to stimulate the degradation of fat in the skin, increases blood flow and helps to firm the skin. Caffeine molecules have a great affinity with epidermal cells and absorb and diffuse into the skin layers.

Massage is important in the application to improve blood flow and enhance circulation.

Orange wax is an emollient and moisturiser with phytosterol esters help reduce redness and acts as a free radical scavenger improving skin-feel and contributing to barrier function and moisture regulation. As an anti-oxidant it assists to protect the dermal connective tissue from weakening and breaking.

Younger and Older Skin
Collagen Plus Technology