Skin Loves Lanolin

Alpha Keri is enriched with nature’s super hydrator, lanolin. Lanolin is a 100% naturally derived moisturiser that penetrates deep into the skin to replenish, repair and protect.

Nature’s super hydrator

Lanolin is an extraordinary natural moisturiser. The moisturisation properties of lanolin itself are well documented. It can hold up to 200% of its own weight of water, working as a moisture storage mechanism to actively rehydrate skin.

Molecular similarities with human skin

Lanolin’s molecular structure closely resembles that of human skin lipids. This means that the oils found in lanolin are similar to those found in our own skin. It is able to imitate and supplement many of the moisturising functions of human skin lipids and this is why it can penetrate deeply into the skin to effectively moisturise, relieve and protect dry and damaged skin.

Perfect for sensitive skin

Purified lanolin is clinically proven to be exceptionally gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Because of its powerful hydrating properties it can relieve sensitive skin leaving it soft and smooth. Often used for wound healing and in baby products, the use of lanolin is extremely broad and highly effective.

Where does it come from?

Lanolin is naturally derived as a by product of the wool industry. It is a natural oil which is harmlessly extracted from a sheep’s fleece following regular seasonal shearing. It is a wonderful eco-responsible and sustainable resource. It’s because of the lanolin in the wool that sheep shearers have the softest hands!

The history

Lanolin has been used in skincare for millennia and was considered a moisturising essential in ancient Greece as early as 700BC. No wonder people have trusted Lanolin for generation after generation.