Our Products

Specifically formulated to relieve problems associated with dry, sensitive and itchy skin, all Alpha Keri products provide intensive and long lasting moisturisation while protecting your skin from further moisture loss.

Everyone can enjoy Alpha Keri’s complete range of specialised body care products every day

Babies & infants:

Skin acts as a protective barrier against all sorts of elements, from sun to bacteria, but it takes about a year for that epidermis to function effectively, which means most babies suffer from dry or irritated skin at some point. Caring for your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin is simple and effective with Alpha Keri.


Many children suffer from dry and sensitive skin due to eczema, dermatitis or allergies throughout their childhood. Alpha Keri’s range of body care products are specifically formulated to help prevent and relieve dry and sensitive skin, leaving it feeling smooth and nourished.


Unfortunately fewer natural oils, sun damage, climate, and decreased cell renewal can all lead to dry, rougher skin as we get older. Rely on Alpha Keri to prevent and relieve your dry skin to keep it looking and feeling supple and healthy.

The elderly:

Dry skin is most common in the elderly. Severely dry and itchy skin is in need of long-lasting concentrated moisturisers. Alpha Keri’s richly formulated products not only increase the moisture levels in the skin, they also provide a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss, soothing scaly skin and relieving the itchy discomfort.

Our Products